NaKed Waxing Spa is now open again!

Please read the following rules in order to prepare for your appointment 

  • Everyone will need a mask from the moment they walk into the building until the moment they walk out of the building. 
  • You will not be able to just walk into your appointment. You will need to text 202-573-2882 when you arrive. You will then get a text back letting you know you can come in. At the front desk you will need to sign in and have your temperature taken.
  • If at any point before or after your appointment you experience any symptoms you must call me immediately.  
  • You MUST arrive on time. The grace period for tardiness in 6 minutes. If you are going to be past this 6 minutes, you need to give me a call and I will try to accommodate you. If we cannot accommodate you, you may need to pay for the full service.
  • The hours will be changing, due to the 50% building capacity. 
  • Everyone must have an appointment. No exceptions. 
  • Each appointment is required to have have a 15 minute sanitation/buffer time between each appointment. This makes it to where the days may be less accommodating for all of us. Please keep this in mind when booking. So book ahead of time. 
  • The cancellation policy is now changed to 24 hours from 12 hours. If you want to cancel your appointment you must call and give me 24 hours notice or you could be charged a late cancellation fee of 50%.
  • Do not arrive with friends and/or family. If you do they will need to stay outside of the building. 
  • The waiting room, soda fridge, water cooler, and coffee and tea station will be closed. 
  • Prices have gone up. Due to the changes of prices in cleaning supplies, etc the prices unfortunately will be increased.